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Heart's a Mess

Sometimes our hearts break…

When John Smith’s father was dying, his family knew there was nothing to do, but they tried anyway. Paying more money than they had, they took John’s father and the last of their hope to Ezra Abel for a healing.

And we fight to keep it beating…

But Ezra’s faith healing is only a trick—a way to fool families out of their money. Worst of all, he humiliates these families when they’re at their lowest. After his father dies, John devotes his life to revealing Ezra for the evil person he is. And when Kinley walks into his life, he’s much closer to accomplishing his goal. 

But all you can do is hold it in your hands. 

Kinley Abel is Ezra’s weapon, milking families of their hard-earned cash. She doesn’t want to do her father’s bidding, but she has to. Except the more she falls for John, the more she questions her role in the church, leading her down a dangerous path which could break her heart.  

Sometimes you fall in love with lies.

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