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Counting Backward

She’s his soulmate. He’s her biggest regret. 

Jessa Monroe is a survivor. She’s survived heartbreak, a difficult childhood, and her mama’s maniac boyfriend. What she isn’t sure she can survive is Beau Gamble walking back into her life. 

Beau left Jessa because he loved her. At the time, it was the only way to keep her safe. But when they reunite, he realizes he left her unprotected during the worst moment of her life. 

All he can is do is try to break through Jessa’s walls so he can be with her again—back where he belongs. But Jessa can’t trust that Beau won’t walk away as he did once before. To protect her heart, she’s built tall and strong walls around it. Beau is determined to prove he’s here to stay and that he never stopped loving her. He knows that she is meant to be his first, last, and only love.

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